Raspberry CBD Drink Mix

ENERGIZE - Caffeinated Rooibos Extract Tea

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  • CBD Pre-Workout Supplement

    Add our Raspberry CBD Tea Mix into a cup of water and you’ll be quickly energized from the natural rooibos & black tea extract. One serving has 25mg of OleoCBD™ and 65mg of caffeine. This CBD pre-workout supplement contains absolutely no artificial sweeteners, colorings, or other questionable additives so it will taste exactly as it should.

  • Powered By OLEO

    Our micro-encapsulation process coats the CBD particles in a natural binding material, which allows the CBD to dissolve easily in hot or cold water. This form of CBD is completely water-soluble and has a higher absorption/bioaccessibility than is found when compared to other forms of CBD such as tinctures and oils.

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