Daily Habits to Help Drive Your Performance Success in 2020

Daily Habits to Help Drive Your Performance Success in 2020

Daily Habits to Help Drive Your Performance Success in 2020

When it comes to elevating their performance, many active people, both professional and everyday athletes alike, will focus on the end goal. They’ll plan out a strict series of steps and benchmarks to track their progress to make it more manageable, but for many, this isn’t far enough. If you want to tackle your goals and elevate your 2020 performance, it’s about the little things, such as the habits that you incorporate into your life. 

Let’s take a look at the daily habits that can help improve your wellness and lifestyle, and that could be the key to your 2020 athletic success.

Upgrade Your Water

Water, on its own, is great for staying hydrated, and it seems you can really never get enough of it when you’re sweating as much as you do in training. You could always get more out of every sip, however, with products such as water-soluble CBD drink mixes. That way, you’re getting some of the positive benefits of CBD with every sip to help power your post-training routine.

Treat Sleep Like a Workout

When it comes to our workouts and training sessions, they’re non-negotiable. There are no ifs, ands, or buts: You’re going to train. Unfortunately, we tend to give sleep and adequate rest less priority, allowing ourselves to binge “one” more episode or log in to our work computer to answer a few more emails instead of hitting the hay. But getting proper sleep is a vital part of athletic success, so set a bedtime and make it non-negotiable. Whatever it is can wait until the morning, and you’ll be refreshed and ready for the day.

Mix Your Training Up

Athletic results are all about consistency in the gym, on the trails, on the yoga mat, or wherever you train. But routines can get a little, well, routine after a while, and if you’re uninspired doing what you’re doing, you’ll hit a wall eventually. The key is to mix your training up and look for new, results-boosting things you could do instead. 

For a lifter, that could mean working in a couple of yoga sessions to help with flexibility. For runners, it could mean lifting weights once a week to build more muscle. Don’t allow yourself to stay in one place—commit to cross-training in 2020.

Clean Up Your Supplement Stack

When was the last time you read the label on your daily supplements? You might be surprised to see just how much filler goes into many supplement products. Check out your labels and look for unnecessary fillers, then replace them with products that focus on the active ingredients you actually want.

While this isn’t to say lots of ingredients equals a bad product, it doesn’t hurt to have an understanding of what’s going into your body. If you find that you don’t like what you see, look for something different. Instead of the pre-workout blends, consider an alternative made with rooibos tea extract and the essence of raspberry that still gives you a jolt of caffeine with more benefits as well.

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