How to Better Support Your Fitness Goals in 2020 When You’re Already in Shape

How to Better Support Your Fitness Goals in 2020 When You’re Already in Shape

How to Better Support Your Fitness Goals in 2020 When You’re Already in Shape

The fresh new year brings a whole set of new adventures to go on and training goals to reach. Our resolutions are made. The slate is clean. Willpower is high. We’re inspired. 

So, what’s missing? For many athletes, who are already in decent shape, the start of a new year represents hitting it harder, whether it’s in the gym, the pool, or on the slopes. What may be missing, however, is more time chilling out and prioritizing recovery. 

To help you truly reach your fitness goals and avoid burning out or peaking too soon, it’s time to look at the full picture of your active life. Here are a few tips to help you get there.

Set a Goal That Isn’t About Exercise

Most everything we do in life involves some type of movement. If you’ve become really great at exercising and burning calories but can’t sit at your desk without experiencing back pain, it’s time to figure out what movements you need to do in order to work at your computer. Even if your back feels great during your workout, a body that’s fully functioning in all aspects of your life is a well-rounded body.

Another approach is to make a goal that isn’t about your specific exercise goals. Maybe it’s volunteering on community trail days, or encouraging your less-than-active friends to go on a relaxing hike with you. Any type of movement goal you make and accomplish is part of a more nourishing life. 

Enjoy Active Recovery

Highly-motivated types tend to have only one setting: hard and fast. But not every run has to be a mad sprint to the finish. Not every weightlifting session has to trash your muscles. Every workout doesn’t have to take 110% of your effort. In fact, when we do slower than normal workouts or cut back on the duration from time to time it can help us with our overall performance. 

For example, if your thing is HIIT or CrossFit, try doing it two or three times a week and supplement with yoga or hiking on the other days. If you are a yogi, try mixing up your routine with a HIIT workout or two. The idea is to avoid overtraining in your main discipline and incorporating cross-training concepts. 

It’s Healthy to Take Rest Days

If you have the rain-or-shine mentality, you may feel like you have to put on a raincoat and head out into inclement weather because you’re worried about not getting that workout in. What would it be like to stay at home and watch it rain while sipping a soothing cup of rooibos tea with CBD instead? Or, use that time to do light stretching and use your foam roller. It’s important to respect a recovery day, whether it’s planned or unplanned. Enjoy the gift of taking it easy on your body.

It’s rewarding to make goals and smash them. But it’s equally fulfilling to find some balance, give yourself a chance to rest, meditate, foam roll, and enjoy the recovery benefits of CBD supplements.

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