September 1st, 2021

Press Release (For Immediate Distribution)

We are pleased to announce that Oleo Holdings LLC has been reorganized and recapitalized.  This enables us to streamline our corporate operations, upgrade our customer website experience, and re-focus our efforts in product development.  This also includes long-term commitment to upgrading our customer fulfillment center to expand hours and days of operation to better service our customers.

We are currently in the process and development several key initiatives and long-term partnerships that will expanding our customer footprint.  The impact of Covid cannot be understated but our commitment to Health and Wellness is strong as we thank you for your support. 

Oleo Holdings LLC is a consumer driven CBD company that focuses on THC free products.  Since it’s founding in 2017, Oleo has served over 12,000+ customers and over 400+ retailers including the Bartell’s Drugstore.   Oleo offers an industry leading water soluble “Original Boost+) product along with flavored formations such as Coconut Water, Tangerine, Passion Fruit, and Raspberry.  We are proud to have our products locally sourced and formulated in the USA.

Team Oleolife